Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season Reminds Us of the Importance of Coverage Every year, people brace themselves with the arrival of the hurricane season. Since damage caused by hurricanes is a common phenomenon. It instills fear as it had indeed made a dent in their … [Continue reading]

Just how Do I Know If I’m Prepared to Retire?

Prepared to Retire

Prepared to Retire This question prepared to retire isn't really about the financial aspects as much as it's about the emotional or personal side of this equation. It's not the side that gets talked about too much, but retirement is much more than a … [Continue reading]

Baby Boomers – How Far We Have Come!

Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer Generation Were you born between 1946 and 1964? Then, like my husband and I, you are one of the nearly 75 million Americans in the Baby Boomer Generation. Think of all the changes you have seen!You were born just after the end of … [Continue reading]

How To Improve Your Likeability

improve your likeability

Improve Your Likeability What do your actions say about your character? If someone were to ask your family, your friends and your co-workers what type of person you are would they give the same answer? If your character ran true the answer would be … [Continue reading]

Unusual Weather Patterns


Weather Anomalies All too often people explain unusual weather anomalies from a divine intervention perspective or blame the weather on global warming. It would be wise to learn more about the weather here on Earth so you don't fall victim to this … [Continue reading]

Motivation And Coaching

Motivation And Coaching

Leadership When you are in a motivation and coaching situation where you are in a leadership role you will want to take full advantage of it. You will want to try to get the most out of the situation because not only will you learn some hard life … [Continue reading]

What Dog Breed Should You Get?


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Currently, there are 340 recognized dog breeds worldwide. But why so many? Because we use them for so many things - from sledding and water rescue to companionship. How do you go about picking the best type for you … [Continue reading]

Most Effective Method to Find a Good Hobby

Good Hobby

Find a Good Hobby Hobbies customarily provide an inventive outlet that you probably won't get in your daily routine. They enable you to achieve something that is only for you that may help you not to remember your everyday problems. Hobbies help in … [Continue reading]

Want To Catch Big Bass? You Have To Fish For Them!

big bass

Fishing And Catching Big Bass Yes, we all want to catch big bass and catch that once in a lifetime bass but most anglers just don't fish for them. They fish where the average size is located but not the monster. Then the angler wonders why he … [Continue reading]