5 Tips On How To Find Songwriting Inspiration

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It’s fun being a pop star as everyone knows your name. Unfortunately, writing hit songs isn’t easy. If you are a song writer and you don’t feel like writing or you don’t have song ideas, here are tips on how to find the writing inspiration:

Write about yourself and experiences

How you feel and the things you have gone through are enough material for a song. If you haven’t been through experiences that you would like people to know about, you should draw inspiration from other people’s experiences. If you have heard an exciting experience from a friend, you can write it as your own. You can write a song about anything; therefore, don’t over think it. To have easy time writing about yourself, you should make a habit of keeping a journal. You should document anything that makes an impact in your life regardless of how minor it is.

Your emotions are a great place to get your song ideas. How are you feeling at the moment? Happy, sad, overwhelmed? There you have it. That is enough material for a song.

Change your environment

Most people write from their houses. While the house gives you a relaxed and uninterrupted place to write, it’s often not the best place to get writing inspiration. If you have been there for a long time, you should get out and visit friends or simply visit the park. While outdoors, carry with you a writing pad to write the things that are of interest to you.

Stop seeking perfection

You should always strive to be the best you can be but you should never strive to be perfect. When you are looking to put things in a certain way you are setting yourself up for writer’s block. If you have an idea, just write-don’t worry of how perfect it is. You should concentrate at writing what comes into your mind and polish it later.

Listen to other songs

Listening to other songs not only guides you on how a good song should be like, it can also be a source of inspiration. You might hear of an idea that you can write about. Instead of listening to the songs the regular way, you should listen to them without the lyrics so that you can clearly hear the words. If you hear of something you would like to explore more, write it down.

Set the right environment

To some people, the writing inspiration just strikes. As a serious songwriter, you shouldn’t wait for the inspiration to strike so that you can work. You should set the right environment for creativity. In your house, you should have space specifically designed for writing. This can be in your bedroom, sitting room or on the patio. As rule of thumb ensure there are no distractions in your working space.


To be successful in writing you shouldn’t wait for writing inspiration to strike-you should search for it. If you have tried all of the above things and still can’t get songwriting ideas, forget writing at the moment and do something completely different. You can cook, read, watch a movie, drive, or anything else. Who knows, you might get the inspiration when doing these things.

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