Applying Gel Stains – How to Do It Properly

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gel stain

When you’re working on a fine woodworking project, you may eventually find the need to apply a gel stain.

Applying gel stains is known to be easy to apply and the advantages of applying it are great because of the depth of color it can give to the wood.

However, there are a number of things you need to consider before you decide whether you should utilize the use of these stains.

Proper Preparation

Same with any other stains or paint finishes, you need to properly, and adequately sand the project. Be sure to be patient and gradually sand with a finely gritted set of sandpapers. It may also be a good idea to patiently hand sand to get a perfect finish.

Once you’re contented with the sanding you’ve done, grab a vacuum and get as much sawdust as you can off of the entire project. In most cases, it may be best to wipe the project with a tack cloth and denatured alcohol as you do your vacuuming to be completely sure that the surface is free from sawdust.

Don’t worry about the denatured alcohol because it won’t discolor the surface and evaporates quickly.

The Right Application

When you’re applying a gel stain, it’s important to remember that you need to spread it on the wood thickly for a few minutes, before wiping it off using a clean cloth.

When you wipe down the project using this method, this will ensure that you’re applying the stain and depth of color evenly. Always remember that the more you wipe away the stain, the lighter the shade of the stain.

The right way of applying a gel stain requires you to apply a generous amount onto the surface with the help of a brush or clean rag.

Although this might feel like spreading a thick layer of gravy and appear to be uneven, it’s still fine as long as you completely cover the area.

Be careful that you’ll read the manufacturer’s instructions because it will be your guide as to knowing how long you need to leave the stain on the surface before you wipe it off.

When wiping the stain off, just be sure you’re wearing protective gloves, an a clean cloth. Wipe with the grain and have your focus on getting the color evened out till you get to the desired level.

Continuously go on a rotational motion till you get the color you want.

Issues When Applying Gel Stains

When it comes to wiping your project down, it can be very difficult to remove it when it gets to all those nooks and crannies which are found on the wood itself.

As an example, when you’re applying a gel stain on a coffee table, it’s quite difficult to get it out when the gel gets to the junction.

If you allow the stain to stay here, it gets to be noticeable and is more difficult to deal with. Because of this, be careful that you won’t over-apply the stain onto intersections.

Finally adequate ventilation is important when you’re working with these types of stains because their components may give of toxic fumes. Also, be sure you discard the cloths you use properly since the stains are quite flammable.

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