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Create and Implement a Fantasy Football Strategy

Fantasy Football Strategy

Lots of research

Fantasy football strategy needs lots of research. Research is essential when coming up with a fantasy football strategy. The Research stage comes before the actual draft.

Fantasy Football StrategyResearch gives you some information that can help provide you an insight of who is good and who is bad. Research can be anything from looking at past seasons on players, or by looking at their injury history.

Doing your research right can give you an edge when deciding who you want for your team and who you don’t want.

Mock Drafts.

Mock drafts are a good idea and can provide insight as well. You may be asking what the point of doing a mock draft if you won’t even be able to keep the roster you selected?

Participating in mock drafts shows you what players other people will think are good or are bad. If a person you want consistently gets drafted early, then you may consider either drafting him earlier or find a replacement if the price is too high.

The same goes if a player you want gets drafted later than usual. You can wait on him a little longer and try to go for someone else and hope he is still available later.

Game DayI would say that mock drafts are optional when using it as a part of your strategy, but I would say do it. Plus it is absolutely free and really fun to participate in.

Getting advice from others.

Getting advice from someone else can help also. I wouldn’t ask someone that would be in the same fantasy football league as you but asking someone who isn’t can be insightful.

In addition to asking friends, many football analysts have written articles that expressed what their strategies are. For example, maybe one friend will say that he/she likes to have a lot of running backs on the team.

And another friend likes to have at least one elite running back and one elite wide receiver to make a team more balanced. Asking people will give you some information that may not have known about earlier.

If you do end up getting advice from others, you will immediately learn that there are tons of different strategies that people use in fantasy football.

running playImplementing the strategy.

By now you should have a general idea of what your strategy is and who you should pick that will help satisfy your strategy. Let’s use my take a lot of running backs example for the strategy to be implemented.

Good running backs are really hard to find these days because of both skill and durability. Running backs will get injured throughout the season.

So it is a good idea to have handcuffs (back up running back that plays for the same team) or another decent running back on your bench.

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