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    Home Sweat Home

    Home furnishing can be difficult without the help of an expensive interior designer. Choosing a style is hard enough, but knowing how to create that style can be even harder! Use these tips to create whichever look you want, furnishing your home in the style that best suits you.

    homeStep #1: Choose a Style

    Here are some ideas of different styles you can use to decorate your whole house or just one room.

    * Cottage:

    This home furnishing style calls to mind a cozy cottage tucked away in the country or by the lake. Cottage style means white couches and chairs, or white wicker furniture with floral printed cushions.

    Pastel colors, soft lights, as well as gauzy drapes, develop the cottage appearance, as do antique devices as well as patchwork quilts.

    Complete the look with landscaping: nothing says country cottage like a stone walkway and a garden full of flowers and herbs.

    * Mediterranean:

    This house attractive style conjures the French and Italian seaside. Assume cozy yellows and also earth tones, in addition to easy patterns triggered by gold and also blue accents.

    Large, natural wood tables fit right in, as do patterns of ships or sunflowers.

    home and garden* Oriental:

    As the name implies, this style invokes the simple and sleek lines of the Orient. Less is more with this look, so choose pieces like teak and lacquered tables, armoires and coffee tables sparingly. Accessorize with Oriental rugs, silk prints, and pictures of dragons or Japanese seascapes.

    * Traditional:

    This classic home furnishing style is elegant but not extravagant. Floral patterns look excellent on your sofas, chairs, curtains and also pillows for the traditional appearance, as do plaids and damasks. Hefty drapes and mahogany dining-room tables additionally work well with this look. Put the final touch on your traditional home with accents like china, crystal, and framed landscapes.

    * Victorian:

    This style will make your house look as beautiful and stately as the mansions of Victorian England. Choose little yet sophisticated couches as well as wood armchairs with silk covered paddings in striped or basic floral patterns.

    Do not be shy with velvet and also abundant brocades. Porcelain, as well as dried flowers, will likewise assist you to get this look across perfectly.

    Step #2: Enhance Your Home

    Whatever style you choose, use these elements wisely to achieve the maximum from your decorative style.

    * Lighting:

    Stay away from halogen and overhead lighting, both of which can create harsh light and therefore harsh shadows. Instead, choose lamps with bases that fit your style and taste. Track lighting and sconces also provide nice lighting solutions.

    home* Color:

    Color is one of the most basic and most effective ways to create any style. When choosing paint, think about practicality as well as decor; bright colors energize and light colors soothe.

    Pastels, lotions, and also beiges produce the illusion of even more area, whereas dark, rich reds, as well as blues, make a statement.

    * Texture:

    The texture is a commonly overlooked component, yet it is crucial when creating the style of your option. Textured walls evoke a natural, native, earthy feel. Smooth walls are more elegant, traditional, and will reflect more light, creating a brighter room.

    Be careful, though, because if a floor is textured with tiles, stone, or wood flooring, it can make the room look small. With a large enough room, however, texturing your floor with tile, wood or stone is an excellent way to instantly create a “look”.

    Choose the style and decor that feels right for you. Even if your budget doesn’t allow you to renovate your entire house, choose a few important furniture pieces (couches, tables) that will set the tone for the whole room.

    Finally, accessorize along the lines of the decorative style you have chosen, and your look with be complete.

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