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How to Start Woodworking for Profit


    Woodworking for Profit

    Just like any business, woodworking for profit means that you will need to have a product that people actually want to buy, but fortunately, when you are making beautiful objects out of wood, there is a huge demand for many different types of products. The real beauty about making money off of woodworking projects is that you can turn your hobby into cash.

    WoodworkingEven if you just have a little experience of wood crafts, you can end up some incredible one-of-a-kind wood products that people will certainly want to purchase. Right here are simply 6 of the things that you might make in your garage as well as sell.


    Birdhouses are relatively easy to make, but they are always in demand and people are prepared to pay quite a high premium for a well-made one. People who like to see birds in their garden will always be on the lookout for a nice looking birdhouse and it’s a great way to start your woodworking in the garage for money venture.

    Fruit Bowls

    If you have a wood lathe in your garage, then that will greatly extend your woodworking for profit opportunities. One of the most popular items that you can make on a lathe is wooden bowls. You can make wooden fruit bowls from solid pieces of wood or you can make very nice looking segmented wooden fruit bowls.

    There is always a good demand for wooden fruit bowls, because they make such lovely gifts at Christmas, for birthdays, or for when people are moving home.

    Picture Frames

    Picture frames are another item that there will always be a demand for and that is also relatively easy to make. In fact, if you have a router and a bit of imagination, you can easily turn out a whole range of different styles of picture frames very quickly and you’ll be woodworking for money in no time at all.

    woodworkingWooden Spoons and Utensils


    Wooden spoons and other utensils like forks and ladles can be sold as ornamental pieces or as functional pieces for use in the kitchen. Once you have your wooden bowls perfected, you could add some wooden utensils to make a wonderful salad bowl set. Once again, with a lathe, wooden spoons and forks are not too difficult to make and, because they are handcrafted, people are prepared to pay a good price for them.

    Wooden Toys

    Because wooden toys are not so readily available in the stores now, people are prepared to pay a premium for them. There are so many things that you could make in a children’s toy range. You could have wooden puppets, wooden dolls, or even a wooden train set. If you do decide to make wooden toys part of your woodworking in the garage for money project, you will have to bear safety in mind. Each region will have its own regulations with regards to the safety of children’s toys, so find out what the rules are in your area before you start to sell any wooden toys.


    Children’s Furniture

    Children’s furniture is another item that you will have to be careful about how you make and the products that you use in the manufacturing process, but a range of kid’s furniture could be your best seller. Little chairs and tables, baby cribs and toy boxes are just a few of the things that parents love to buy for their children.

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