Star Wars: The Old Republic Complete Guide Package

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This is a package offer currently consisting of 26 guides. Compared to buying all the single guides, you save about 93% by buying this package:

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Complete Guide Package includes every Star Wars: The Old Republic Guide available on Killer Guides, as well as all future releases and updates. Stay current and updated on the latest strategies, releases and future expansions. Available to you will also be new guides that are added to this game free-of-charge. Everytime there are changes, a newsletter will be personally sent out to you revealing new guides, updates or news regarding the game. Get the SWTOR Complete Guide Package today, save your money and look forward to new additions soon! Bundle includes: 1 strategy guide, 1 credits guide, 8 class guide bundles which include 16 advanced class guides

Are you looking to level up faster or just out to earn some easy credits? Have you wondered what the easiest (or … more

The name of the game is blasters and cannons for this line of specialization. The Commando is a powerful class capable of doing huge damage on the battlefield. With their extreme firepower and excess … more

In SWTOR, nothing beats starting out strong from the very beginning, and starting out strong means having all the credits you need to spend on skills, weapons, items or even respecs. No matter what … more

Never wasting an opportunity to take advantage of all situations possible, the SWTOR Gunslinger is in it for the win because that’s all that counts. No matter the strategy, this gun-flinging dual … more

Can’t decide whether to advance as an Operative or as a…


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