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Today I’ll build a sliding barn door and we needing among these in our home for sometime now therefore I thought should proceed and build it. The wood that I’m utilizing for this task is eco poplar, now the best method that it ended up being explained to me personally is it’s been prepared. Basically all of the sugars and sap wood have been prepared away therefore turns this brown color therefore looks really great once it’s washed up.

So, to start I jointed one edge I’m planning one side and then I’ll just proceed and clean it on dining table saw on the other edge. This will give me personally a nice clean slate to begin with in which I can construct the boards see just what I’m working with and just visit work getting this thing built. So the door it’s going to be about seven foot tall and about 41 ins wide. So I’ve got several of these boards that I should glue up and built but I cannot do it all simultaneously.

So 1st thing I’m gonna do is construct my biscuits the door which is just what I’m doing here and some of these boards after I washed them up and they sat in shop for a little while they developed a slight twist and several them had a bow included therefore.

sliding barn doorWe wanted to make sure I had enough biscuits within therefore We laid the biscuits out every six ins and i’ll proceed and numbered these boards. So never get them confusing later on. Now to start out 1st cut that I made it ended up being just about three or four ins from the end and then it ended up being every six ins.

And reason I wanted to get every six ins ended up being just to make sure that these boards lined up in the end because as I just pointed out several them had a bow included and there ended up being some that had a slight twist inside so I want to make sure everything ended up being lined up and so I thought every six ins with the biscuits would resolve that problem therefore did. In the end We ended up being very happy the way that turned out.

So I had to be careful not to get in a big hurry when We ended up being cutting the biscuit slots so I had to make sure my biscuit joiner ended up being good and seated before We made my plunge cut. Because if you get your slots a little bit crooked or not centered it’s going to make it difficult to get everything lined up when you incomparable your glue ups.

So the next thing that I did ended up being just chamfer the sides of boards. We ended up being attempting to go for a tongue and groove feel once all boards came together which it did. We ended up being delighted the way it came out. I’d have done it a little bit various if I must do it over once again but i’ll glue these two boards, allow that dry and then glue up two many then two more.

So. It’ll be easier than attempting to glue up all seven boards at one time. So. Here’s the big glue up here. It ended up being a little bit hairy here for a little bit attempting to get everything lined up and getting the clamps in destination and all of that and I had to crawl on top of dining table to make sure the door ended up being sitting good and flush and secure against the clamps because We didn’t want a bow in my door when it ended up being all stated and done.

woodworkingSo the pipe clamps worked out great in this situation. Now, this video clip is supported by Rockler. So I want to say thank you to Rockler for their help. But these blue clamps that you see on the base of door they have those just what they call Surefoot and so they sit nicely available and they have a nice crank on them.

They were really really easy in a situation like this. We’m doing a door, We can see in which those Rockler clamps is handy in doing a table aswell therefore consider Rockler and the links down in description on services and products that We utilized. So now I can straighten up the ends and clean them up to get all green paint down, I’m just utilizing a door board here to get a nice clean right cut.

I want to make sure not to lose too much product because I want to keep this door since near seven foot possible therefore, I didn’t have too much to play with here, but it proved that I had adequate. So, now i’ll add a piece of wood on base and one on top and include a diagonal piece across the whole door.

That’s just a personal choice and design element if you’ll. Additionally offers it some general energy on door as well. So, now I can shoot some brad fingernails from the rear which the rear won’t be seen near around the front in which we’re going to be placing the door.

So that’s going to be fine. Now the diagonal piece I clamped it in destination and I hit a line with a pencil on both edges so I knew exactly where the glue would get therefore I put glue on the diagonal piece and between the lines here on the door and then I clamped it back in destination.

Now I never show it here in the video clip for some reason I didn’t get footage of this but I turned the door over once I get this clamped into destination and I hit a or pulled a chalk line in which that diagonal piece is therefore I’ll know in which to shoot brad fingernails which was really easy. So now I can just clean it with sander and get it all washed up and prepared for finish. So I take the clamps off I turn the door back over and then I’ll just begin applying finish to both edges.

sliding barn doorNow this eco poplar plus this water based polycrylic proved really stunning. We love the color that it has therefore just looks great. We also want to include some artistic interest and some contrast on door as We do with countless my projects so We cut some dowels and i’ll add those in on top and base of door. It’s going to look like we’ve got some joinery happening which is sort of cool, but We love the contrast because dark and light wood.

So, I glued those in and i’ll sand them flush with the door. We get into the finish a little bit here and so We just proceed and sand the whole board on top and base and then We just refinish it therefore no big deal here it just looks great. As soon as the finish continues and dries that light colored wood with that dark color looks great in my viewpoint. We can move on to the hardware now which this hardware comes from Rockler as well.

And so you can get this kit, I’ll keep a link down in description, from Rockler. But it’s very easy to built. All I had to do ended up being drill several holes for each roller and then I had to mount the track on the wall surface. Now I’ve got a piece of wood on the wall surface here because I’m attempting to give myself some approval over my door.

However could mount this straight on wall surface if you wanted to providing you ensured to mount it into studs. I’ve got the piece of wood on the wall surface here in studs and so We can mount this track to that wood and We’m fine. But once you’ve got the track mounted whether it’s on the wall surface or on a piece of wood like I’ve got you’re literally prepared to hang the door just make sure it’s good and secure and thereisn’ play inside.

But it all came together really nicely and I’m happy with it. Now I had to include some stops to keep the door from rolling off of the track on each end and then also the guide on base to keep it from swinging down from the wall surface.

Home Garden home project 300x225 Sliding Barn Door   How To Woodworking Home Garden  workshop Woodworking woodshop wood video to stone sons sliding door sliding barn door simple shop rolling barn door project make kids how to how hobby do it yourself diy barn door diy build barn door hardware barn door   Image of home project 300x225So all in all I’m very happy with this. Discover the description below the links on services and products that I utilized and to also consider Rockler and consider the site article here in description as well.

It goes to my site in which We enter more details about this task therefore can also find out more about who we are. Discover more about the plans we provide, get on our e-mail list so you can stay updated with the projects we do.

If you’re not a subscriber on channel please subscribe. I’d love to have you back each week. Thanks for viewing and we’ll see you next time. .

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Antique Vanity – HVLP Spray Finish

Every project has a story and this one is no different in fact, this one is pretty special vanity. The vanity that I’m working on belonged to my great-grandmother and now my wife has the opportunity to use it as her own, so I’m going to redo it for her. I’m guessing this vanity is from around the mid-1900s I’m beginning this project in a little bit different way in the fact that I’m disassembling some of the vanity and most of the stool.

Now the reason for this is to gain a little bit more clearance in the height of the knee space and to shrink the overall footprint of the stool, so it can be stored in the opening of that knee space But first I need to sand down everything so I can paint it.

The actual finish of the wood has been refinished before so I don’t really feel bad about painting it and giving it a different look I’m keeping the drawer pulls in the original state, so I’m not doing anything to them I’m keeping all of the wood original, so it will have all the original parts, it’ll just have a different look to it.

Now, this vanity is smaller than the average vanity that you see today. I think they actually called this a dresser back in the 1900s So, but I need to make a few changes to make it functional. Now the middle section, the part that is dropped down in the middle.

I need to raise it up a little bit and I also need to trim the apron some to give me more height from the floor up to the bottom of that apron and The stool itself doesn’t fit into this knee space opening, so I need to disassemble that and cut a few pieces and recreate some of the tenons that I found.

The story of this piece of furniture is just unfolding as I’m taking things apart like the dovetail drawers, the nail pinned mortise and tenons, and the structural design. They’re all telling a story and it’s a story that can be appreciated nearly 80 years later.

vanityI mentioned that I had to recreate a few tenons after disassembling and cutting the stretcher and two of the rails Now, I went about this two different ways, with the stretcher I used a sled on the table saw to nibble away the waist area and then cut the tenon to length and that seemed to work pretty good.

I took a different approach on the rails and used the band saw. I lined the existing tenon up with the blade and used the fence as I fed the rail into the blade until I reached my mark and I did this for all four sides. I could have very easily cleaned it up at the band saw using a miter gauge, but since I already had my sled set up on the table saw I used that to clean it up and cut the tenon to length. At this point, I could start putting everything back together.

So I started with the vanity. Now using a brad nailer I held the center section of the vanity in place and secured it with a few nails on each side, I attached the apron after trimming it a bit and then started on the stool. So to add a little bit more knee space I decided to trim the stool legs by just a half of an inch and I did this on the table saw using my sled.

Now I was ready to glue the stool back together. And once I had it all put back together, you couldn’t even tell that I had made any changes. I want to take a second to thank Rockler for supporting this video Rockler carries a ton of woodworking tools and supplies but in this video, I’ll be using their HVLP sprayer and let me tell you for someone that is a beginner and spraying I love this thing.

Basically, all I had to do was pour in the paint and turn it on. I’m not even kidding. I’ll leave a link down in the description of this video so you guys can check them out. Using a sprayer is something that’s fairly new to me. I mean before this project I had only spray finished one other project so I’m not a pro. I don’t claim to be one and I certainly don’t play one on TV.

furnitureI will say that I did have to find my rhythm and once I found that rhythm I enjoyed this. This was actually a lot of fun to spray finish this vanity and this whole project. But one thing I had to make sure that I was doing correctly was paying attention to the spray pattern. So depending on whether or not I was spraying left and right or up and down.

This particular model has a paddle switch to where you can change the direction or the pattern of the paint. So that was one thing that I had to keep in mind as I was doing this, It didn’t take long at all to finish the painting for the stool and the vanity and the drawer fronts and even the mirror frame, so that was really nice to have all this done in a short amount of time.

I also reupholstered the seat using the original wood and lightly sanded the corners of the vanity to give it a used look. With all the original parts like the drawer pulls, the accents and the details in the mirror. Be sure to visit our website at

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How to Start Woodworking for Profit

Woodworking for Profit

Just like any business, woodworking for profit means that you will need to have a product that people actually want to buy, but fortunately, when you are making beautiful objects out of wood, there is a huge demand for many different types of products. The real beauty about making money off of woodworking projects is that you can turn your hobby into cash.

WoodworkingEven if you just have a little experience of wood crafts, you can end up some incredible one-of-a-kind wood products that people will certainly want to purchase. Right here are simply 6 of the things that you might make in your garage as well as sell.


Birdhouses are relatively easy to make, but they are always in demand and people are prepared to pay quite a high premium for a well-made one. People who like to see birds in their garden will always be on the lookout for a nice looking birdhouse and it’s a great way to start your woodworking in the garage for money venture.

Fruit Bowls

If you have a wood lathe in your garage, then that will greatly extend your woodworking for profit opportunities. One of the most popular items that you can make on a lathe is wooden bowls. You can make wooden fruit bowls from solid pieces of wood or you can make very nice looking segmented wooden fruit bowls.

There is always a good demand for wooden fruit bowls, because they make such lovely gifts at Christmas, for birthdays, or for when people are moving home.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another item that there will always be a demand for and that is also relatively easy to make. In fact, if you have a router and a bit of imagination, you can easily turn out a whole range of different styles of picture frames very quickly and you’ll be woodworking for money in no time at all.

woodworkingWooden Spoons and Utensils


Wooden spoons and other utensils like forks and ladles can be sold as ornamental pieces or as functional pieces for use in the kitchen. Once you have your wooden bowls perfected, you could add some wooden utensils to make a wonderful salad bowl set. Once again, with a lathe, wooden spoons and forks are not too difficult to make and, because they are handcrafted, people are prepared to pay a good price for them.

Wooden Toys

Because wooden toys are not so readily available in the stores now, people are prepared to pay a premium for them. There are so many things that you could make in a children’s toy range. You could have wooden puppets, wooden dolls, or even a wooden train set. If you do decide to make wooden toys part of your woodworking in the garage for money project, you will have to bear safety in mind. Each region will have its own regulations with regards to the safety of children’s toys, so find out what the rules are in your area before you start to sell any wooden toys.


Children’s Furniture

Children’s furniture is another item that you will have to be careful about how you make and the products that you use in the manufacturing process, but a range of kid’s furniture could be your best seller. Little chairs and tables, baby cribs and toy boxes are just a few of the things that parents love to buy for their children.

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