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The Four Types of Solar Powered Systems

    Solar Powered Systems

    Solar Powered Systems

    Solar Powered energy is a great way to help the environment, cut down on energy costs and enjoy having power. They are swiftly becoming popular in the backwoods that are off the grid as well as experience constant failures, as well as they are extra inexpensive than ever before.

    Solar This has led to an increase in interest in homes wanting to make the switch, but with so many different products available, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin the process. To start, it’s important to be educated about the different types of solar power systems available.

    Grid Connect

    These solar power systems are the most popular, the most cost – effective and they require very little maintenance. A grid – connected home will remain connected to the grid. It will use the renewable energy source when it is available, but any additional energy that is needed will come from the electrical grid.

    Any additional energy that is produced is then fed back into the electrical grid instead of being stored. These homes will not have any electricity or energy during an outage.

    Stand Alone

    These solar power systems do not use electricity at all, making them ideal for homes that are not on the grid. When compared to the price of connecting to the grid, they are usually cheaper, and they can provide energy to home that would not otherwise be able to have electricity.

    As a bonus, they can be specially designed to only provide energy to one or two things, such as a water pump, water heater or refrigerator. These systems often store excess energy that is produced in batteries for later use.

    panelsUnfortunately, the batteries may only last a few years, and these do require the knowledge of an expert to design and install them.


    Portable solar power systems are the one’s thing that most customers are unaware of. These are lightweight, easy to use and are usually designed with a purpose in mind, such as for an ATV or boat.

    Smaller options are also available, such as USB chargers or phone chargers for devices. These are not for household energy but instead are used for one or two smaller things, such as charging a phone.


    Hybrid solar power systems are exactly what the name suggests. The most common form of a hybrid system is a wind and solar system. This helps to ensure that a house always has energy, and remains the most popular option for homes that are located off the grid.

    Grid ConnectThis term is also used to describe homes that have a system with backup batteries, but it is also connected to the electrical grid. If there is a blackout, these homes will still have electricity.

    And there is never a concern about running out of energy if the amount in the back up batteries gets too low. These are like the stand-alone version in the fact that they do require more maintenance than a grid connects, and they do require the knowledge and skill that only a specialist in the field can provide.

    Solar Powered

    Discovering the world of renewable energy can be exciting. It can be wonderful knowing that there will be less global warming and that energy bills will be lower. Renewable energy can also provide a source of comfort in areas where blackouts are common.

    Instead of worrying about the food in the freezer going bad, families will be able to kick back and relax while the children watch cartoons. Deciding which one is right for a home or device is an individual decision that can take some time, but learning about the options available is the first step.

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