Unusual Weather Patterns

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Weather Anomalies

All too often people explain unusual weather anomalies from a divine intervention perspective or blame the weather on global warming. It would be wise to learn more about the weather here on Earth so you don’t fall victim to this sort of rhetoric.

weatherOnce you understand the weather, you can better plan your activities and protect yourself from the full power of Mother Nature’s little surprises. Okay so let’s talk about just a few unusual weather patterns to whet your appetite on this subject, shall we?

1. Tornado Conditions
2. Temperature Inversions
3. Low Altitude Jet Stream
4. Cyclones, Typhoons, Hurricanes
5. Solar Storm Compression of Atmosphere

Tornadic Cells are not so uncommon in certain regions, but the phenomenon behind their development is unusual and fascinating. A very good paper to read on this (can be found searching in Google Scholar) is “The Tornado” by John T.


Snow, and it is well worthy of your time to read, I highly recommend it. Cumulonimbus thunder clouds, especially very intense ones, provide much of the disruptive energy needed to help the tornadic cell to form.

One interesting reason for greater tornadoes happens to be the urban heat islands where very warm air rises from the heat of the city streets and meets the prevailing weather flows.

snowThis mixture of air causes great turbulence, helping to form intense thunder clouds with lightning. Urban heat islands also contribute often to temperature inversions.

Normally, the temperatures cool on average about 2-degrees per 1,000 foot in elevation. But with a temperature inversion, it can be hotter at 5,000 or 10,000 feet above the ground than it is near the surface. This causes additional anomalies and thus, unusual weather patterns from there.

Los Angeles basin produces such a situation and it causes havoc to adjacent regional weather. All this mixture changes the dynamics of the regular weather flow as it moves across the nation.

Remember Benjamin Franklin noted that the weather took about 3-days to cross the continent from West to East, so if we change the component we start within the West, we have a different output when we get to the Eastern part of the country.

lightningDo you see that point?

Also, El Nino and La Nina years determine the heat of the water in the Pacific. Hotter water means more evaporation, thus more moisture and rain.

But what you start with effects the snowpack in the west and rainfall, and changes the components of our modeling as those weather patterns move Eastward.

Interestingly enough, warm water in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic near the Caribbean. US coastline also affects evaporation of the water, that evaporation process blocks the trade winds allowing the Hurricanes to grow and grow.

Tornado Conditions

cycloneAdditionally, large solar storms can heat the surface of the water and also compress Earth’s atmosphere, this can lower the jet stream causing all sorts of havoc for humans dealing with weird weather.

The weather is a most fascinating topic, one which is constantly affecting our lives, you’d be wise to understand how it works and why unusual patterns exist, as well as what our scientists are doing to model and predict it. Please consider all this and think on it. Weird Weather Tales Click Here!


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